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Michipicoten (Wawa) is on Champlain’s 1632 map making it one of the oldest place names. The hub of a vast vacation area, Wawa is located on the Junction of Highway 17 and 101, just about 150 miles from Sault Ste Marie. Wawa is best known for their famous big Goose monument that overlooks the entrance to this picturesque community. This historical monument marks the opening of the last link of the Lake Superior section of the Trans-Canada Highway more than 50 years ago.

Wawa’s location on the northeastern shore of Lake Superior makes it a natural stop when traveling around the big Lake. It’s a wonderful destination for fishing, paddling, and winter adventures like snowmobiling. The abundance of inland lakes and rivers make for many remote wilderness adventures. You’ll find a number of accommodations, restaurants and things to see and do here. The Heritage Doors located at parks and scenic locations are original works of art that tells stories of local pioneers and community characters.

Visit Scenic High Falls and Silver Falls. Just a few minutes drive from the Goose is Sandy Beach. Made famous by Group of Seven painter A.Y. Jackson (Shoreline, Wawa, Lake Superior) this gorgeous beach is a natural gathering place for locals and visitors. Learn the history of the Group of Seven in Algoma and the history of the First Nations people who settled the area.

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